Guide To Maintain Good Hair


We spend almost one-fourth of our life in search of a good hairstyle, hairdresser and hair styling products. We waste time, money and efforts in search of a hairstyle that looks trendy and makes us look like a chic. In the process, we forget that any hairstyle will look good only if we have healthy hair. The beauty of any haircut depends on health, strength and shine of hair that comes with proper care and nourishment. See here what’s the best hairspray for curls in case you’re in need of one.

Now, if you are ready to take care of your hair, here some essential steps for you to follow. Try these handy steps that will help you move towards good hair.

Brush your hair

You should brush your hair regularly, as it helps the scalp loose the dead skin. Regular brushing stimulates the scalp that leads to the growth of healthy hair.

Use shampoo

Always wash your hair with a gentle shampoo as it puts a check on over-drying of the scalp. Apply a good quality conditioner (that suits your hair type) after washing hair. Leave conditioner for at least five minutes. It will make a protective shield on your mane. Hence, protect hair from harmful chemicals present in air as pollutants and harsh sunlight.

Use a towel

After washing your hair, dry using a towel. Avoid rubbing them; it can lead to hair fall. As rubbing of hair strands lead to weak follicles, that makes hair brittle and lifeless. You should avoid washing your hair daily. It can dry out your hair.

Get your haircut regularly

Go for a haircut regularly. It helps hair to grow properly. If you have short hair, you should have them chopped every month. If you have long hair, and you don’t want to reduce the length, try visiting a hair stylist once in every three months. Trimmed strands grow fast and look good.

Have a relaxed scalp

Relax your scalp by applying hot coconut or olive oil at least once in a week. Oil massage gives nourishment to the scalp and makes hair strong. You can also use frizz-control serum once in a week, but its over use should be avoided.

Some tips you must-not-forget:

1. If you like to blow dry your hair very often, you should start using a good heat protecting spray first. The same goes with straightening also, as when we expose our hair to excess heat, our hair starts damaging. It becomes brittle and lifeless.

2. Don’t forget to wear hair wax before you jump in a swimming pool with chlorinated water or in the sea. The hair wax will help to prevent your hair from drying out too much, and also from fading.

3. Be careful that you do not catch your ear while straightening your hair. It can be painful and dangerous. Better keep your straightener at a good distance from your ear and piercing jewelry. Straightener can over heat the jewelry and can burn your ears.

Take good care of your hair and I am sure you will soon flash your cascade proudly.